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Precautions before temperature calibration

There are 4 matters should be noticed before temperature calibration:

1.Working environmental

The dry block temperature calibrator can be calibrated under a temperature of 15 ℃ to 35 ℃ and relative humidity of ≤ 80%.

For the intelligent dry body furnace, the voltage should be 220V. When thermocouples as temperature sensors should be kept away from heat sources and the ambient temperature should be relatively stable.

2. Chose of calibrator and mating

(1) Standardizer
1. Standard mercury thermometer: measuring range – 60 ℃~+300 ℃; Used to calibrate resolutions of 1 ℃ and below.
Standard copper nickel thermocouple: – 100 ℃~o ℃; Used to calibrate resolutions of 1 ℃ and below.
3. Standard platinum resistance thermometer: – 200 ℃~+600 ℃; Used for calibration with a resolution of 0.01 ℃ or less.


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3. Appearance inspection
The appearance of the dry body temperature calibrator is visually inspected, mainly to check whether its appearance and structure are in good condition, whether the text symbols, signs, graphic stickers, and fabric woven Dandeton watermarks that describe the function comply with corresponding standards, whether they are clear, whether the surface is upright, whether there are obvious dents, trauma, cracks, deformation, and other phenomena, whether there are rust and other mechanical damage to the metal parts Whether the key operation is flexible and reliable, whether the sensor package is well sealed, whether the lead connectors are in good contact, and whether the protective tubes and leads used by the sensor can withstand the corresponding operating temperature.
4. Inspection of display function
Turn on the power supply and check whether the switches and buttons of each part of the temperature calibrator operate flexibly and reliably, and whether they have the various functions described in the manual.