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Pressure metering testing and calibration in pump systems

In many processes and designs, pumps are used to transport media. Safety monitoring and automatic control of output pressure and flow is a very important part. In these processes, many pressure measuring instruments are involved. For example, the pressure switch can protect the centrifugal pump from running dry when the input pressure is insufficient; the pressure sensor can measure the pressure at the output port and keep the system pressure at stable level. When the valve is running in a closed state, Hengsheng Weiye provides pressure measurement and calibration equipment such as pressure calibration benches, pressure sources, and intelligent digital pressure calibrators for verification and calibration of these pressure instruments. It detects pressure build-up when necessary, protecting both the pump and the operator.

The HSIN6000T automatic pressure calibration platform adopts the whole process automatic pressure control method, the pressure rise and fall is stable and fast without overshoot, and the pressure calibration modules of different ranges are connected externally. After setting the pressure calibration points, the forward and reverse strokes do not need manual intervention; During the stroke, it approaches the verification point from bottom to top; during the down stroke, it approaches the verification point from top to bottom without adjustment, which fully complies with the relevant pressure instrument verification regulations.

HSIN6800 pressure sensor test bench includes air source device, pressure control device, calibration implementation device and data processing device. The calibration implementation device communicates with the pressure control device, and is used to apply pressure to the sensor to be calibrated by gases of different pressures, and output multiple real pressure values. Through multiple calibration expected pressure points and multiple pressure cycles, the pressure sensor can be automatically calibrated throughout the process.