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HSIN Pressure Gauge Worked In Zhengyang Bio-Power Co Ltd.

Recently, our company HSIN reached a cooperation with Guoneng Zhengyang Bio-Power Co., Ltd. and cooperated  for pressure gauge calibrators. The contract signed a number of manual pressure calibration benches, intelligent digital pressure calibration instruments and related supporting equipment. Thanks for the user’s recognition of HSIN, we will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products and services for the majority of users.

HSIN685 intelligent digital pressure calibrator is a powerful portable professional pressure calibrator, which can measure pressure, current, voltage, temperature, switch, time and other items, and has DC24V power output function, available with HSIN series manual pressure pumps For calibration of pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, pressure switches, precision pressure gauges, general pressure gauges, sphygmomanometers, pressure sensors and other pressure instruments.

HSIN released HSIN150/650/1200 dry block temperature. It can well help industry precision calibration. For more information in details, welcome to our email: info@hsincalibrator.com